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Farm&matzzang "Hiziki" sea-laver(hand-made)


"Hiziki" sea-laver
We have processed the best seaweeds to keep its natural taste and flavor.


  • Place of origin : West coast.
  • Place of processing : Seocheon, Chungnam, Korea.

What's Hiziki fusiformis?
As the best alkaline food in the seaweeds, it contains more than 10 times high amount of inorganic salts, calcium, 4 times high iron content than that of pork. Hence, it is called an elixir plant in the sea. Also, it contains plenty of nutrients such as dietary fiber, mineral, iodine, vitamin, etc. that may be insufficient in our diet.

Nutrition of “Fusiforme”
20 times of freshwater eel for zinc
15 times of milk for calcium
550 times of milk for iron / Brand


  1. No drying by hot blowing : It has preserved its natural flavor because
    we didn't use any hot blowing system.
  2. Raw seaweed → forming of laver → seasoning of laver(adding oil, salt)
    → 5-6 days of aging process → toasting of laver by hand → packing.
  3. Minor ingredients : Perilla oil, sesame oil, seasoned salt(without artificial flavor).
  4. Toasted at 400⁰C to keep its natural taste.
  5. Original taste of sea-laver can be enjoyed.
  6. First production of "Hiziki" sea-laver(hand-made) in Korea.
  7. Added artificial additive.

★Obtained ISO 22000:2005 Certificate/ U.S FDA Test Passed★

│ EFFICACY (The efficacy of Hiziki) │
Hiziki is called "Nokmichae(deer-tail grass)" because it looks just like a deer-tail. The Department of Health & Human Services in Japan has designated the fifteenth of September as the day of taking Hiziki. Japanese people like to eat Hiziki. Particularly, salted pollack roe and Hiziki have been never removed from the dining table in the region of Kyushu in Japan. Hence, it is said that more than 95% of Hiziki produced in Korea have been exported to Japan(the annual per capita consumption of Hiziki in Japan : 45g. Total : 5,500 tons).

  1. As the best alkaline food in the seaweeds, it contains plenty of inorganic salts.
  2. High amount of calcium(10 times of milk, 2 times of sea-tangle, 350 times of beef, 280 times of pork, 4 times higher than anchovy) may be good for the patients of osteoporosis, students and the stressful adults.
  3. Long terms use of Hiziki may be good for teeth, lustrous hair, bones of the fetus.
  4. It is written in Dong Ui Bo Gam that Hiziki may reduce high fever, remove congestion, cure tumor and inflammation.
  5. In folk medicine, it is known that Hiziki helps to clean blood.
  6. Hiziki has been used for seaweed bathing because it has been effective in treatment of skin disease and also reported by the international academic journal that it may prevent chronic inflammation and the skin cancer, according to the latest research conducted by the medical team in Ohio State University in USA.
  7. Plenty of calcium in Hiziki helps to enhance resistance against disease and get rid of stress by stabilizing central nerves.
  8. Iron(100 times of milk, 10 times higher than port) in Hiziki may be helpful in treatment of anemia and iodine helps anti-inflammation activity.
  9. Fibers containing alginic acid absorbs water and stimulates intestinal wall.
  10. It may be helpful when one feels heavy in stomach.
  11. Hiziki is an ideal food for women due to low-calorie.
  12. Hiziki may prevent obesity, diabetes, vascular sclerosis and reduce blood pressure as well as cholesterol level.
  13. Hiziki suppresses the production of oxygen free radical, lipoperoxide and results in anti-aging process in the body.
  14. In animal test, it was revealed that Hiziki has been effective in anti-hyperglycemia, anti-cholesterol.
  15. Fucoidan in Hiziki has inhibited clotting of blood and resulted in preventing adult disease such as cardiac insufficiency, myocardial
    infarction, arteriosclerosis, etc.
  16. Dietary fiber in Hiziki has reduced arteriosclerosis and the lower index of arteriosclerosis has been revealed in clinical trials.
  17. It has been effective in increasing collagen content in bones and also high amount of zinc, copper helps promote the growth of hair.
  18. According to the report of Prof. Shin Do-beom, the food science department of Juju University, seanol has showed an excellent effect in protection of cells than that of resveratrol in wine or catechin in green tea.
  19. In his research, it was found that seanol has reduced about 70% of aging process of blood vessel and the destroy of kidney, as typical complications of diabetes, as well as 75-80% reduction of fatty liver and the destroy of pancreas.
  20. Hiziki is a good food for the prevention and treatment of obesity.
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Farm matzzang

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